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Are you looking for intercultural friendships and encounters? We match you on our platform with people from your region who have similar interests and hobbies.
After successful matching rounds with over 1000 participants, we will start in 2023 with a new format!
That's how it's done!

myBuddy Friendship – make new contacts in a playful way.

So far we have matched “migrants” and “natives” in the myBuddy FRIENDSHIP program using our own algorithm on our intercultural friendship platform.

In 2023 we will start with a new format and will match you directly to events and activities, making the first meeting even easier and more attractive.

Does that sound exciting to you? Then sign up and we'll let you know as soon as it starts!

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With our own algorithm, we match “immigrants” and “natives” to form intercultural friendships on our platform. Matching criteria are age, place of residence, your interests and gender.

In 2023 we will start with a new format in which we will match you to events and activities and thus offer a direct framework for a relaxed exchange.

For participation in the myBuddy friendship program you have to only be of legal age. Apart from that, there are no further requirements. We would like to promote modern formats for the growing together of society and consciously rely on easily accessible offers for the general public.

No, participation in myBuddy Friendship is completely free. As a myBuddy friendship couple, you can even get leisure activities, vouchers, products or Internships to win.  

This decision is basically yours. 

If you would like more social connections and new friendships in the local community, then register as an "immigrant". 

If you would like to support the arrival of other people in Germany in a friendly manner, then register as "local". 

If you have a migration background, you can register as "native" or "migrant" depending on your personal feelings. 


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Our friendships
"When I came across myBuddy, I was immediately enthusiastic about the matching idea. Otherwise, Judith and I would probably never have met. We have met several times. I particularly liked the fact that we both like to travel. In addition, Judith is already working . She was able to give me a few tips for my professional future." Vega
"Registering for the myBuddy Friendship program was super easy and I immediately found a really great match in Vega! We both have many interests in common, such as traveling, and I was able to learn a lot from her about her country of origin, Indonesia. I'm looking forward to the next friendship trip together!” Judith
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Miriam and Siddarth
"I came to Germany five years ago to study and I signed up for myBuddy FRIENDSHIP because it's difficult to establish contact with the local population outside of my studies. We got on well right away and also cooked together." siddarth

To ask?

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Paul.

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