With the new myBuddy APP

Stay informed about the launch of the APP in summer 2024!

Discover undiscovered Cafes, bars, Sports events, concerts, cultural festivals and exclusive myBuddy events. The best thing: With us you can even cheaper or free pure!


Get to know buds with different cultural roots and discover what you have in common.
Offline and in person.


Try it out and discover new sides to you! We match the perfect bud companion for your new hobby!



Stay informed about the launch of the APP in summer 2024!


1. Who is the myBuddy APP for?

Have you just moved to study or work and want to explore your new city?

Have you always wanted to try out a new hobby, but can't find anyone in your existing circle of friends who shares the same interests?

You can never have enough friends! Do you just want to meet new people in cool formats?

Are you running out of ideas for weekend activities or are you wondering where you can find all the big and small events in your city?

In these cases, the myBuddy APP is our ideal offer for you!

The myBuddy APP is basically open and free for everyone. However, it is primarily aimed at the young generation between 18 and 38 years old, regardless of gender, religion and origin.

2. What does event-based matching mean?

We are the very first APP to offer event-based matching! Instead of selecting people, you first search for events that match your interests. Please make sure that, in addition to being interested, you also actually have time to attend the event.

After that, we will only match you with people who are interested in the same event and are looking for a buddy companion with myBuddy!

3. What does intercultural matching mean?

Our APP was created as a social innovation and the further development of the myBuddy FRIENDSHIP program.

Our work is based on the scientific contact hypothesis of Allport (1954), which essentially states that frequent contact with people from other groups is the most effective way to reduce prejudices. And this applies regardless of whether we are talking about different generations, cultures, religions, professional groups, etc. Due to myBuddy's DNA with a stronger focus on intercultural issues, we are launching our APP with an intercultural matching approach.

4. Can I choose my own bud?

Yes and no 😊

On the myBuddy APP you can freely determine the gender and age range of your bud match. The pool is also limited by your selection of events.

We will then suggest up to 3 buds to you one after the other, each with a short profile. Because we want to encourage you to leave your comfort zone and make unexpected new friends!

For a successful bud match, you have to confirm each other. With a bud match, you automatically have your first date with the myBuddy APP at an event that you both independently want to go to! If you're quick, you can even get discounts and free tickets!

5. How exactly do discounts and free tickets work?

Discounts and free tickets are limited offers from our event partners. We want to encourage you to leave your comfort zone with the myBuddy APP and meet new people outside of your current bubble. We are sure that you will find great friendships through myBuddy that you would not have met otherwise!

Discounts and free tickets are awarded on a first-match, first-serve basis. This means that the faster you confirm each other as a buddy match for an event, the greater your chances of benefiting from the additional offers. It's almost like a small team challenge before your first meeting!

And if tens of thousands, millions of people in Germany network offline through our app and make friends, then together we will have an enormously positive impact on cultural integration and togetherness in society! Let's bubble-up! 😊

6. Who can become an event partner?
At myBuddy, "events" are to be understood very broadly. It doesn't matter whether you are a concert organizer, café, museum, art gallery, dance school, sports club, organizer of city festivals or other cultural events. The myBuddy APP offers you the perfect platform to reach young people in your city. As an event partner, you also contribute to the impact idea of the APP: with your offers, you form the basis for our event-based matching and together we can connect tens of thousands, millions of people to new intercultural friends via the myBuddy APP! Simply arrange a 15-minute meeting with our team! Request an online appointment
7. Do you have any further questions or feedback and inspiration for us?
Then please write us a message We look forward to hearing from you!😊