myBuddy is an award-winning social tech start-up founded 2021 in Mannheim. In line with our motto "grow.together.simply.“, we promote cultural togetherness with the aim of unleash the untapped potential for society and economy. With our contemporary online and offline impact portfolio for the young generation, we focus primarily on formats that are easily accessible and fun for everyone!

myBuddy Gründerin Weihua Wang
Weihua Wang myBuddy Gründerin
Founding Story

myBuddy is an affair of the heart for our founder Weihua Wang. Without realizing it, she laid the foundation in 2018 in her capacity as Germany’s youth delegate for the Council of Europe with a project of the same name. With a comprehensive realignment in strategy and branding, today's SocialTech start-up was launched in March 2021 in Mannheim.

Pillars of action
myBuddy Team

Everyone should care!

Social interaction is a topic that can only succeed together and affects everyone. That is why, despite our young founding history, we rely on three major pillars that, when considered together, release effective impact synergies.


In everyday life, we rarely manage to step out of our social bubble. That's why we offer dedicated formats to demonstrably break down prejudices.


Knowledge and reflected opinion-forming are the key to empathy, tolerance and pluralism. Using edutainment elements, we make this process playful.


Equal opportunities in job and career is not a modern buzzword. It forms the essential basis for building a sustainable society for all of us.

Social brand with a future vision

Cultural diversity is enriching and fun! With our formats, we want to bring this attitude to life into society.
We have already received several regional, national and international awards for the myBuddy approach to building cultural bridges.

Non-profit and independent

The work at myBuddy is state-recognized as a non-profit organization, and we also operate independently of 100% and without external investments. Instead, since it was founded in March 2021, over 5,000 hours of voluntary work by numerous Friends & Family supporters have been invested in the development of myBuddy. 
Support us with your donation so that we can continue to work independently and sustainably for the myBuddy vision-call

Your donation goes to 100% in non-profit myBuddy programs.
Get involved!

Purpose meets entrepreneurship!

At myBuddy you can flexibly start full-time or part-time or as an intern or working student. Together with the IU International University, we also offer the possibility to experience dual studies-possibility of one Dualn studies.

You can also support myBuddy in the Friends & Family Circle as a volunteer!
myBuddy Festival Leinwand

Develop common strength

The cultural diversity in our country harbors an enormous amount of future potential for our country. We want to shape this change in such a way that everyone can benefit from it.

Togetherness & Growing

Only together can we master the challenges of our time. Let's grow together as a society and learn from each other and grow together.

Simple & effective

Getting to know new cultures through friendships, sport, art and music is fun - everyone can easily make a valuable contribution with our approach.