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After more than 1,000 participants in our flagship program myBuddy FRIENDSHIP, we have achieved a lot and learned a lot. Now it is time to take the program to a new level and develop it in a contemporary way. That is why myBuddy FRIENDSHIP is now becoming the myBuddy APP.

The first event-based matching app for your intercultural bud match!


Our founder Weihua Wang laid the foundation for myBuddy FRIENDHSIP in 2018 as Germany's youth delegate to the Council of Europe. At that time still known under the old name "Mybuddy Program", it still carries the core idea of myBuddy FRIENDSHIP or now the myBuddy APP: to connect people.

And that works best when participants get to know each other in a leisure context based on their interests. Laughing, dancing and experiencing new things together – that creates lasting bonds.

So that we can enable new intercultural friendships every day and throughout Germany, we will be relying on a modern and target group-oriented APP solution for the younger generation from autumn 2024.

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Our friendships
"When I came across myBuddy, I was immediately enthusiastic about the matching idea. Otherwise, Judith and I would probably never have met. We have met several times. I particularly liked the fact that we both like to travel. In addition, Judith is already working . She was able to give me a few tips for my professional future." Vega
"Registering for the myBuddy Friendship program was super easy and I immediately found a really great match in Vega! We both have many interests in common, such as traveling, and I was able to learn a lot from her about her country of origin, Indonesia. I'm looking forward to the next friendship trip together!” Judith
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Miriam and Siddarth
"I came to Germany five years ago to study and I signed up for myBuddy FRIENDSHIP because it's difficult to establish contact with the local population outside of my studies. We got on well right away and also cooked together." siddarth
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