Over 84 million people live in Germany. A country of different cultures. But how much do you know about the cultural celebrations of your fellow citizens?
With myBuddy ZU GUEST we want to strengthen our cultural understanding by celebrating festivals together. We not only match you with people who come from your region, but also organize events with our cultural partners to promote cultural coexistence in our country.
There are currently open registration rounds below for myBuddy ZU GAST – More than Christmas 2024!
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How does the myBuddy GUEST program work?

myBuddy ZU GUEST consists of two program elements that ideally build on each other. First, you will get to know participants in the program at a ZU GUEST event and then we will match you for a personal exchange. In individual cases, participation in only one partial format of ZU GUEST events or ZU GUEST matching can also take place. 
In any case, participation is free of charge for you and we even cover the costs (e.g. entrance fee) for the ZU GUEST events. 
Anyone who feels uncomfortable in a personal setting or does not have the opportunity for matching can take part in the ZU GUEST event! There will be a big party together with a young and intercultural group

TO GUEST Matching:
The matching takes place throughout Germany and myBuddy connects you based on where you live, age and number of people in order to celebrate cultural festivals together.
The entire matching process is closely supervised by myBuddy; However, the participants organize the meal together independently.
We can reimburse hosts for meals and guests for travel expenses!



The myBuddy ZU GUEST program is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior as a nationwide pilot project as part of the federal social cohesion program. 

Anyone interested can register for the ZU GUEST registration rounds free of charge using our registration form. The ZU GUEST events have limited places and are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. There is no limit to the number of participants for ZU GUEST matching.  

The myBuddy GUEST program is aimed primarily at people between the ages of 18 and 38 of all cultural identities who are interested in making new friends by experiencing cultural festivals together. 
As a rule, the myBuddy ZU GUEST events take place in cooperation with cultural associations. During the registration phase you register using our form. As a participant in the myBuddy GUEST program, we will cover your costs and you can take part in the event with an organized group of young people from different cultures. The event is accompanied by the myBuddy team.
The matching usually takes place after a ZU GUEST event, in which the participants who have already gotten to know each other as part of the ZU GUEST event are matched to intercultural myBuddys in order to maintain the friendship beyond the one-off event. The process is accompanied by the myBuddy team and individual funding opportunities are also possible. 
By participating and engaging in personal exchange, you can further your education, strengthen your intercultural skills and build new friendships!
As a host, you become an ambassador for your culture, strengthen your intercultural skills and build new friendships! Also, your guest may soon invite you back as a guest to another festival from his/her culture!
In addition, when you celebrate together, you strengthen cultural understanding and togetherness in our society!
If you have any further questions about the myBuddy program, do not hesitate to contact us at! 🙂
The myBuddy ZU GUEST Impact

Celebrating and sharing cultural festivals with others enables an incomparably strong exchange. myBuddy GUEST therefore has a four-fold impact for you:  

  1. Experience unique encounters in groups or in a personal atmosphere
  2. Enjoy authentic international tradition and cuisine
  3. New impulses for your personal development and your intercultural skills
  4. Active participation in a society of the future in which we like to live and with which we feel connected
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To ask?

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Fulya.

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